Mobile & Web Development

Mobile & Web Development

Experts in creating social applications


Our web portal development capability comprises of the following, and more:

1- Enterprise portals
2- Corporate intranet/internet portals
3- B2B portal development
4- B2C portal development
5- E-commerce portal
6- Online Travel portal
7- Job portal development
8- Real estate portal development
9- Entertainment portal development
10- Data management portals
11- Mobile portal development

We are open to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement under which your app ideas and the app stay as your copyright. Once the project is completed, we transfer the source code and graphics to you. You hold the exclusive rights to use the app as per your discretion.

A Donation Fintech

Collaborative Giving | Sustainable Philanthropy - this donation app that we created for our Minneapolis based client facilitates and hosts donor engagement so that nonprofits can focus on the missions that drive them. Access tools to help build specific donation and fundraising strategies, uniquely tailored and customised to support your charge for change. Our app centralizes and consolidates resources on an exclusively integrated platform so you can be confident in building trust, transparency, and profound impact. Join a new generation of donors, wealth managers, and employers by sparking meaningful and effective differences in the communities you love.

Organic Kitchen App

SERVING SCHOOL LUNCHES THROUGHOUT THE LOS ANGELES AREA SINCE 2013, our Django/Python based kitchen app, maintains a school lunch delivery system from 0 to end, parents order for this kids in an online system, that generates reports and labels for kitchen and staff, and they create meals based on those extensive reports, D3 charts and extensive python loops generate meaningful reports to handle all operations, individual menu creation per school, parent and child update settings on each session, Stripe used as a payment gateway.


We created a Bidding platform for a sports website, in this platform you can add organisations, teams and players, who add their personal stuff or in-game items on sale, and users got to bid on them, there is a customised bidding experience coded as Lazy Bidding, where you can setup your max bid and it would out bid every competitor until you ran out of gas, the technology set was Python, Django, ASGI for runtime updates of all the bids and auction statuses, Stripe was used as a payment gateway.


We created a content management system for our client that hosted more than 300 sites, it was done in ASP.Net using SQL Server as a database, in this application users can create templates, and based on those templates can create unlimited number of pages, a proper admin section for managing team members according to their roles and access rights was implemented.