Giving Fintech

Project Description

This giving fintech is the crown jewel of our applications, its a Django/Python application that we designed from scratch, its a powerhouse donation system that is equipped with all the modern bells and whistles of current day fintech. Some of the modules that we coded in this application are as follows.

1- Users/Donors
2- Groups (Charity, Companies, NPOs, Fiscal Sponsor Groups, Political Committees, Political Candidates)
3- Campaign Management
4- Stripe and Plaid
5- Connect Accounts
6- Payouts
7- Donations via Credit cards and Gift cards
8- Donations via Bank (ACH payments)
9- Matching Campaigns
10- Match creations

Match Types (LIVE, Daily Budget, Challenge)

LIVE Match

Live Match condition is usually for scenarios when you want to match your donation with other people’s donations. You set your budget as an amount and every donation someone makes yours with the same amount triggers too, however you can customize your match donation via conditions.

Daily Match

Daily budget is the same as LIVE Match with an option to provide a daily budget limit , suppose you want to match a donation but gradually, in this case you can set up a budget and daily budget.

Challenge Match

In Challenge match scenario you challenge a community that if they can manage to raise e.g. $100,000 amount of money, you will also match the $100,000 amount., also you can add a condition of your match, based on your condition a match will hit.

Matching Conditions
Its the modern payment platform that fulfils the promise of fintech giving, you can register your account, create or claim your nonprofit from millions of IRS records, or political candidate or committees from FEC database, and start taking donations in no time, the social media modules help you share and create stories with your followers and donors, Users can groups can create matching donations to support your campaign/cause, this gamification piece super charge your donation efforts and increase your visibility, any user or group can create a cause to get support or they can create a match to fulfil your causes.

100’s of thousands of dollars worth of campaigns are our success story, from a library rooftop repair to feeding the kids in Africa was done inside our giving platform, our machine learning libraries help finding the non profits you want to donate according to your believes and likes.


Donation to Political Groups

You can donate to political groups via the Giving Platform. Political Groups can be PAC,Qualified Committees,  Presidential election, house or senate candidates e.t.c.
You can donate to these groups as Individuals, Company or from Other political groups.
Depending on the type of political group Other Political Group or Individuals have a set limit based on FEC rule on how much per annum one should donate. Giving platform also provides individuals to donate as a couple.


Donation to Nonprofit Organizations

Giving Platform has close to 2 millions IRS Verified Non Profit Organizations, you can support any of them by donating them.


Donation to Events

We have a feature where any type of Group(company) can set up its own campaigns ( Events), Donors have a flexibility of choice where their donation money should be spent.

Types of events

Silent Auction


Goal Type

Flexible Funding
Campaign will continue to take donation
Fixed Funding
Campaign will be successful only if the specified donation target is achieved.

Recommendation System: Initially Rec-sys machine learning library was used, and later its converted into django-recommends.

Fintech Recommender System

Profit Share with Group.

If there is an amount set for share in the campaign then that specified percentage of donation will be transferred to the sponsoring group if any.
Tech Stack: Django/Python, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Flutter, Stripe, Plaid, AWS, RDS, PostgreSQL, S3, AWS Lambda, Heroku


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  • Date: February 22, 2022