Sports Bidding

Project Description

Fan based sports bidding, this app had a full fledge bidding system embedded into it, we created this from scratch for Sports industry client, this app successfully launched many Kentucky Derby items for the race, users could created their accounts, invite teams and sportsmen into their groups to post the items they are going to use in the match, which in this case was a horse race, many jockys and horse teams placed their wonderful items on the bidding, and 100s of users bid on those items during the game, it was one of the most successful projects in in-game bidding history, modules that we coded are as follows.

1- User registration
2- Team Invite
3- Competitor Invite
4- Event creation
5- Evening invitation to teams and competitor to place items in that event
6- Bidding interface and logic
7- Silent Bidding feature, where you can easily setup your max bid and the system will automatically outbid your competitors till your max bid amount.
8- Runtime framework to update the feed and bid amounts on each single item
9- Winner declaration
10- Shipment via Easypost APIs
11- Stripe integration
12- Labelling and packages
13- Logistics
14- Chat application

Tech Stack: Django/Python, WSGI, ASGI, Flutter, PostgreSQL, Heroku, AWS, S3, Twitch API, Twitch plugins to sell items in live feeds.



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  • Date: February 22, 2022